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Why Athletes are Afraid of Their Coaches!

Why are athletes so afraid of their coaches? Today I break down why and how they can overcome this.

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These Phrases Make Athletes Quit Before 12 years Old

If you're a parent of an athlete reading this and you've come across our page for the first time I want you to know that my goal with Athlete Mental Coaching is to help athletes become more confident and help you (the parent) to have a better relationship with your child. 

Today, I want to talk about a topic which is super important if you have a child who is an athlete in any sport. 

There are different phrases and different things that your athlete will say out loud to you as a parent. Some of these phrases are:

- I am so annoyed with my coach.

- I am tired of my teammates.

- I am sick of not getting any playing time. 

I have worked with many parents over the last decade since I started coaching and one thing I see is many parents will skip over what their child is saying to them.

In some cases, this is because most parents get even "more" emotionally attached to the result that they forget that their child is ONLY human. 

If you're child plays soccer and their...

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How to speak to your Athlete AFTER THEY LOSE (Simple questions to ask in the car)

Today I'm going to be talking about the car ride home and what happens right after a loss in whichever sport your athlete competes. 

If you're a parent reading this then I want you to try and visualize a specific scenario after your athlete has just lost a tough game.

Normally, what most athletes will do is they will get back in the car and go straight onto their phone and just sit there quietly. 

Most parents what they will look to do is give their child an extra coaching session and give their athlete advice which won't help at all because most of the time all the athlete wants to do is just shut down from the sport. 

As a parent you have to understand that during your athletes game or event they will probably already have had gotten some sort of criticism from their coach or teammates which means that when they get to the car all they want to do now is shut off. 

The car ride home is a moment where most kids really like to do one of three things:

- They like...

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Is Signing up for Private Soccer Lessons worth it?!

Today, I will be answering a question that I recently saw from a parent who sent me a text. 

The question I received from this parent was: 

"Hey, Ben, 

Should we sign our son up for private lessons and do you think it would be worth it?"

Over the past 12 years I have trained players 1on1 and in a group setting in my training company and the first thing I would tell you is that if the training is good and if the coach really cares about your child and you see a clear development path then private training can be a great investment. 

I would encourage every parent to look at their child on a deeper level and see whether their child is actually serious about getting better or if they feel that their child would not benefit from private training. 

During my coaching career, I've noticed that there are two types of parents. 

There is the parent who is a mom or the dad who really wants their child to
get better and really crave their child being the best on...

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How to get "noticed" by college scouts in 2021 (soccer recruiting advice)

child college scouts ncaa Jun 28, 2021

A question I get asked all the time is "How can my child get more attention and get more scouts interested in them?"

If your son or daughter is in high school and they are interested in getting more exposure there are a couple things they will need to do:

#1 What does my child need to learn?

The college recruiting process is hard and there are a number of things all parents and players need to learn in order to get more exposure from college coaches. 

I've seen many times where parents will take on the recruiting process instead of handing that responsibility over to the player. 

When your child learns to figure out the tools necessary to get a scholarship they will learn not to depend so much on their parents. 

I've seen this happen like clockwork with kids who say that they want to play in college, but it's really their parents wanting them to play at college.

Ultimately, what happens with these types of players is they never get scholarships and it's because...

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What Parents say on the sideline has a MASSIVE ripple effect on Kids

Hey Parents!

Welcome back to a brand new blog.

What I want to do is at the start I want you to write something which is very important and in my opinion is a very simple concept. 

Over the last 12 years in my coaching career, I have worked with many parents and something I tell every parent is = "EVERY WORD MATTERS"

If you're a parent reading this and you have a child who plays soccer I want you to consider the next time you go and watch your child play I don't want you to get caught up emotionally. 

A lot of times I see parents who get caught up with the little details of what their child did and did not do. Many parents will get so emotionally attached that they will end up saying or doing things that they later don't mean which can destroy their child's performance. 

This is why my belief is that every word matters and I've seen so many times where a player is playing great during a game and suddenly their confidence is impacted by one little comment from their...

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Should we sign up for expensive college I.D. soccer camps?

I get asked a lot: "Should we sign our child up for expensive college Soccer ID camps?"

Today, I'm going to be answering this question by giving you a raw take on College ID camps and clinics that are run nationwide for high school players by some of the biggest schools across the United States. 

When I was younger I attended hundreds of these types of camps and clinics and I will be honest with you - most of them were terrible!

The reason why most of them were terrible was that when I got to the camp I found that most of the players I was playing against, were either too young or they just weren't serious enough. 

I remember I attended this one camp in Texas and when I arrived on the first day I found out I was the only 8th-grade kid there so I was playing with all these young players and it ended up being a HUGE waste of time and money for my parents. 

This is why if you're a parent reading this and you're going to assign your son or daughter up for one of these...

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My son isn't prepared for tryouts!! Here's 3 SIMPLE tips to make the team

How can my daughter get ready for tryouts? 

This is a question I get from parents which is very common and my response to this is very blunt. 

Throughout my coaching career, I've been a club coach, private trainer and now I run my own soccer training academy.

Today, I'm going to show you the real insight on how your child is going to make the team at any tryout using three very simple strategies.  

When parents contact me about their child's tryouts they will normally say to me that their child gets very nervous before the actual tryout and this affects their performance and can lead to coaches not picking them for the team. 

#1 Find out what is going on at the tryout:

The first thing you need to know as a parent is what is your child actually trying out for?  Is it for a certain position and what type of drills are going to be happening at the tryout? A very simple thing your child can do is they can go and talk to their coach and ask them questions...

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How your child gets more playing time and becomes a winner in soccer & life

Today I got a question from a parent who is based in Texas, USA. I've seen this type of question a thousand of times before:
"Hey Ben, 
My son is getting very little playing time currently on his team.
I don't want to interfere with the coach but I am a little lost with what I should do?". 
Everyday I get these types of questions sent to me by parents and I am really glad in this situation that the parent has decided not to interfere with their sons coaches decisions. 
Here is the foundation that we need to breakdown when your child isn't getting enough playing time: 
#1 Avoid approaching the coach as PARENT:
As the parent you need to remove yourself from the idea of approaching the coach
or talking to other parents or complaining because that will rub off on your child.
Instead, I want you to try to make this as simple as possible so you can execute this with your child if they are having limited...
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How to: Removing Expectations with Your Child (and goal setting tips)

Today I'm going to be talking about managing expectations and goals with your child. 

I receive these types of questions all the time  by parents who have players who are currently in either middle or high school and want to be more competitive in soccer.   

This is quite tricky and I will do my best here to clearly show you how to manage your child's expectations through different examples I've dealt with in the past. 

Here is my first example: 

This is a parent who really wants to get the most out of their child and they really have high expectations with their kids. 

This is a parent who sits down every year and writes out goals with their children and become really involved with their children's expectations on and off the field. 

The child of this type of parent at a certain point during the year might end up scoring 10 goals or even making the varsity team which is a great achievement. But, what I've seen most of the time is when these...

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